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DeliFrance: Live Everyday Delicious



Delifrance is an international company that began operations in 1983, and quickly spread out globally. In 2008 DeliFrance opened for business in Japan, and opened a new store in the newly built JR Settsumotoyama station. This bakery offers a wide variety of French style bread, pastries, brioches, croissants, gateaux, and many other delicious products. Delifrance also serves beverages, coffee, and sandwiches. The interior is spacious with plenty of seating, and the service is very good. Customers can also order takeout items.

Telephone Number: 078-436-0685

Address: 1-1-3, Okamoto, JR Settsumotoyama Station, 2F, Higashinada-ku, Kobe, 658-0072

Hours: Open Everyday From 7Am-9PM




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