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Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja:Chinese Dumplings Restaurant:Kobe, Higashinada-ku (Okamoto Station)


Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja(Chinese Dumplings Restaurant)

One evening in Okamoto I saw a new restaurant called, Chanja. I decided to stop by and have a look. I peered into the restaurant to see what kind of food was being made. A few moments later, a man came out of the restaurant and handed me a flyer with the name of the restaurant and the menu on it. I thanked him, and left.


After I finished work, I was feeling hungry. So, I decided to go back to the restaurant and try some of their dishes. Chanja makes a wide variety of Chinese dishes. One of their specialties is gyoza. I tried three different types of gyoza, and my favorite was watching the waitress pour a cream sauce on the gyoza and then using a small hand held torch to heat the sauce up to a brown color. I also enjoyed eating other dishes on the menu. Overall, going to Chanja was a unique dining experience for me.

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☆ Information:Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja(Chinese Dumplings Restaurant)

【Chanja】basic information

■ Address : 〒658-0072   1-14-18, Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-city

3 minutes on foot from Okamoto station

■ Opening hours:5:00PM 〜 12:30AM

■ Telephone Number:078-453-7007

■ International calls :+81-78-453-7007

Reservations Can Be Made

【Chanja】Seats & Smoking & Parking

■ Number of seats:30 Seats

■ Non-smoking/smoking:Non-smoking

■ Parking lot:No. Nearby

【Chanja】Menu & Prices & Payment

■ Menu: For example

 Gyoza 290yen

 "Negi misoGyoza" 380yen

■ Average prices:

Dinner Menu Prices: \3,000-\5,000

■ Payment:Credit Cards Accepted


■ Homepage:

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