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Hub British Pub/82 Ale House


Watch! Drink! Enjoy! Those words are used to describe The British Hub in Umeda. This restaurant just opened up late last year. It is located near Yodobashi Camera on the B-1 Floor. The British Pubs have a long history of serving excellent beer and ales. Everyone is welcome to drop by, enjoy drinking, talking, eating, and watching sports on the wide screen TV monitors. The interior atmosphere is very roomy and spacious. After looking over the menu, I went to the cashier and paid for my order. I chose the usual fish and chips, pizza, and of course a glass of British Beer to wash down my food.


Telephone Number: 06-6377-8682

Address: B1F, 19-19, Chayamachi, Kita-Ku, Osaka-shi 530-0013



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-Osaka(大阪), others, Pizza

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