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Sogo Department Store in Kobe: Food Galore!


When I first started living in Japan, I was very surprised to find department stores selling food. Sogo Department Store is one of them. This department store chain has several branches in Japan. The Kobe store is located just south of the JR Sannomiya Station on the B1 Floor. The basement level has a food mall and restaurants. It has an extensive array and selection of food stands selling everything from bread, cakes, juice, meats, tempura, sake, pastries, sushi, and sashimi. In addition, there is a market next to the main stands which has a wide selection fruits, spices, and other products. The quality of the food and service is very good. Sogo's is often very crowded with the hustle and bustle of people shopping for food in the afternoons; especially during the holiday season. But this only adds fun to the shopping experience. Sogo's is a must visit for anyone who wants to enjoy a huge selection of absolutely delicious foods!




Telephone: 078-221-4181

Address: 1-8 Onoedori 8-Chome, Chuo-ku, Kobe 651-0088

Open: Everyday

Hours: 10AM-8PM


Parking: Nearby


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