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Craft Beer Market



The craft beer market in Japan is a booming business. One evening, after shopping at Yodobashi Camera in Osaka, I began searching for a place to eat in Lucua. Their are dozens of restaurants in the B2 Floor from which to choose from. But I was really in the mood to drink beer: That is; craft beer. As I was walking around the Lucua area, I saw the Craft Beer Market Restaurant. The Restaurant had posted all the different varieties of craft beer on black boards: And what a selection to choose from! I also noticed the food selection looked very good too! Most of the items on the menu are a la carte. And each dish goes very well with the different types of craft beer on tap. I particularly liked the Craftbeer Beef Stew and the Chicken Salad. The menu also has English written on it. The waiter who served me spoke English as well which made my dining experience a very good one. Bottoms Up!!




Telephone Number: 066-151-2534

Address: 3-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku B2F Lucua Osaka, Bar Chica, Osaka

Hours: Everyday From 11AM-12PM

Website: craftbeermarket.jp



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