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「Soup Stock Tokyo」A Wide Variety of Soups and Other Items in Osaka(Umeda Station or JR Osaka Station)


Soup Stock Tokyo:In Osaka

Soup Stock Tokyo is one of those restaurants that stand out for a quick and nutritious meal for those in a hurry. Their are three restaurants in the Kansai area. I stopped by the Soup Stock Tokyo on the B-1F in Lucua near Yodobashi Camera in Osaka. This small restaurant is both casual and cozy. It has a wide variety of soups and other items on the menu. Take out is also possible. An English menu is available, however the staff does not speak English. You will also find a window display of the different kinds of soup which you can purchase and take with you back to your hotel.

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 ☆ Restaurant Information:「Soup Stock Tokyo」in Osaka

「Soup Stock Tokyo」

■ Address: 3-1-3, B-1, Lucua, Umeda, Osaka

■ Opening hours:



■ Telephone Number::06-6151-1211

■ International calls :+81 6-6151-1211

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