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Daikisuisan Kaitenzushi: Freshness First


Daikisuisan Kaitenzushi is located in Uozaki, Higashinada-ku along Highway 43. It is across from the Royal Home Center. The kaiten sushi restaurant- Daikisuisan Kaitenzushi  is part of the Daiki Suisan system that began in 1975 with the sole purpose of providing consumers with a product based on the "Freshness First" principal. This restaurant chain provides sushi at a quality level. I especially like going to kaitenzushi restaurants because their is a wide variety of sushi served on small plates which are placed on a conveyor belt. I can choose which dishes I want to eat without having to wait. I have ordered food from a touch screen that has an English menu, and the waitress brought my order within a few minutes. Customers can sit either at a table or at the counter. During dinner time, it can be very crowded. Therefore, be prepared to wait more than 30 minutes before being seated. I have been to this sushi restaurant twice. The sushi was very good and served fresh. I especially liked this sushi restaurant because it has an English menu. When I finished, I pressed a button and the waitress came to my table and counted the dishes. I was handed the bill to give to the cashier at the front of the entrance.The service was fast and efficient.

Telephone: 078-851-1011

Address: 2-3-24 Uozaki, Nishimachi, Higashinada-ku Kobe 658-0026

Website: daiki-suisan.co.jp

Parking: Yes


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