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Solaniwa Onsen: Osaka Bay Tower


Last year I read an article in the Japan Times about the Solaniwa Onsen in Osaka.  I thought, Wow! This is where I want to go during the New Year Holiday! And I did! The Solaniwa Onsen is a five minute walk from the JR Bentencho Station along the Osaka Loop Line. The onsen is a very large facility consisting of five floors, and an open air garden where you can soak your feet in warm water and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. Their are a few restaurants which offer a variety of food and other condiments at reasonable prices. The restaurants are spacious and well lit. The menus have both English and Japanese written on them. The Ben Ten Men Noodle Restaurant serves three types of noodles: Cold, hot, and soupless. On the fifth floor is the Tengachaya Restaurant which serves a variety of unique sweets and beverages. My favorite was the MoMo. Please note the following: Read the rules posted along the wall at the entrance and follow them!

Telephone Number: 067-670-5126

Address: 1 Chome, 2-3 Benten, Minato-ku Ward, Osaka 552-0007

Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11AM-9AM


Parking: Bay Tower

Credit Cards Accepted

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