American Food(アメリカ料理) Cafe Kobe(神戸) Restaurant

「Northshore」 Restaurant In Kobe.Hogashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)


My Review:「Northshore」(American Food/ Cafe Restaurant)

In 2017, a restaurant opened in Okamoto called The Northshore Restaurant. Located next to the Hankyu Okamoto Station; this restaurant has a casual laid back atmosphere. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I decided to try the black pasta dish for dinner since I had never eaten this type of pasta before. The black pasta was very good. I have also returned to this restaurant on several occasions for lunch and breakfast. The chicken sandwiches are big and will fill you up fast. For breakfast, I had pancakes which were really delicious. The menu has a nice selection of other dishes which I will try.

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☆ Information:「Northshore」(American Food/ Cafe Restaurant) In Okamoto

「NORTHSHORE Okamoto」basic information

■ Address: 5-1-1 Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-City

■ Opening hours:

7:00~21:30(Lo.21:00) 7 days a week

■ Telephone Number::

050-5594-9250 (For reservation only)

078-412-7373(For inquiry)

■ International calls :

+81 50-5594-925 (For reservation only)
+81-78-412-7373 (For inquiry)

「NORTHSHORE Okamoto」Facilities/Seats

■ Parking lot:No.

■ Number of seats: 68 Seats

■ Non-smoking/smoking:Non-smoking establishment

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