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Manor House


Manor House is a small cafe and tea restaurant located in a residential area of Motoyama Kitamachi. It blends in with the houses in the area and might be hard to find. However, there is a sign posted in front as well as a lunch menu. From the street, Manor House looks like your typical traditional Japanese house with a garden. Patrons can walk through the garden to the entrance of the cafe. The inside is spacious, well lit and offers a pleasant view of the garden. Manor House specializes in a variety of teas and cake sets; as well as sandwich sets. The food we ordered was very delicious. The sandwich set was served on a two tier plate rack and elegantly arranged. The service was very good.

Telephone: 078-441-0041

Address: 2-15-33 Motoyama Kitamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe

Hours: Weekdays 11AM-6PM, Weekends 11PM-7PM


Smoking/Non-smoking: Non-smoking

Prices: \1,000-\1,999


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