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Tully's Coffee


Tully's coffee was founded by Tom "Tully" O'Keeffe in 1992 in Washington State. Tully's opened its first store in Japan in 1997. They have well over 650 store throughout Japan. I have been to the Tully's Coffee Shop in Okamoto several times as well as in Osaka. I was very happy because each time I was tired and needed a place to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Besides the different varieties of coffee, Tully's offers a wide range of food from sandwiches to pancakes. In addition, patrons can purchase other items on display such as honey, and coffee beans. If you are in a hurry, Tully's has a variety of items for take out near the service counter.

Address: 1 Chome, 12-14 Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0072

Telephone Number: 078-414-6206

Hours: 8AM-10PM Everday

WiFi: Available And Free




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