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Tanto Tanto Restaurant: Nishinomiya Gardens (So Much):タント タント 西宮ガーデン


Tanto Tanto Restaurant opened in 1990, and currently has eight locations throughout Japan. This restaurant chain offers authentic Italian food in a contemporary setting. Their signature foods include pasta, pizza, and locally grown vegetables. In addition, Tanto Tanto imports ingredients from Italy, and uses a wood fired oven to make pizza. The broth used to make pasta is made from Hokkaido kelp and Bonito Flakes. Patrons can order straight from the menu or choose the buffet which has a lot of vegetables. This is especially convenient for those who are vegetarians.The seating is spacious, and it even has terrace seating. The wine menu is extensive, and are chosen by sommeliers.

*currently(副詞)現在は|throughout Japan:日本全国に|*authentic(形容詞)本物の|*contemporary(形容詞)現代の|*ingredient(名詞)材料|*broth(名詞)だし|*Patron(名詞)ひいき客|*terrace(名詞)テラス|*sommelier(名詞)ソムリエ

Information(情報)|Tanto Tanto Restaurant: Nishinomiya Gardens (タント タント 西宮ガーデン)

Address: 14-2 Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya, 663-8204, Nishinomiya Gardens

住所:西宮市高松町14-2 西宮ガーデンズ内南モール 4F


Telephone Number: 0798-68-6075

Hours: 11:00-23:00 Everyday

Parking: Yes

Menu: All You Can Eat/Buffet

Languages: Japanese And Some English

Prices: Lunch and Dinner \1000-\1999

Non-Smoking Establishment










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