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In Sannomiya there is a unique coffee shop on the B-1 Floor called Kobe Coffee Story. This coffee shop opened in 1975, and has flourished due to its high quality coffee. The B-1 floor is better known as the Santica Shopping Mall. It is a large underground shopping area which has many different shops catering to everyone. This particular coffee shop is very popular among the locals, and their is often a long line. Inside the coffee shop the smell of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air. The atmosphere is cozy and casual. The menu offers a wide range of cakes, desserts, and small sandwiches. Kobe Coffee also has specialty coffee and cake sets. The coffee is served in a coffee pot, which is different from the way coffee is served in other shops. The Sakura/Chiffon Cake I ordered was very delicious!

Telephone Number: 078-391-7100

Address: 1 Chome, 10-1, 703, Sannomiyacho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, 650-0021

Hours: Everyday From 9AM-8PM

Website: kobecoffee.jp



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