Costco Wholesale In Amagasaki


Costco has many wholesale stores in Japan. I usually go to the Costco store in Amagasaki. Costco sells a lot of food items to go, such as chicken and salads. However, I love the food court the most! The food menu has not really changed much over the years. Costco did add hamburgers to their menu list. Although the hamburger was a little pricey, it was thick and juicy; and well worth the extra cost. Costco also has some of the best pizza at a very reasonable price. Their polish dogs are  absolutely delicious and come with free drink refills. Their is a seating area, but it is very crowded during peak operating times.

Telephone Number: 81 570 032 600

Address: 3 Chome, 13-5, 5 Tsugiya, Amagasaki, Hyogo, 661-0965

Hours: 10AM- 8PM Everyday

Parking: Free

Website: www.costco.co.jp


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