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Ultra Chop Restaurant Pontocho(ウルトラチョップ京都先斗町)


Ultra Chop Restaurant is located in the Pontocho Alleyway in Kyoto. The Pontocho Alleyway has many restaurants, and it can be difficult to find a restaurant that is not part of the mainstream cuisine found in Kyoto.

As I was walking by Ultra Chop, I noticed that lamb was an integral part of the menu. Finding restaurants that serve lamb is very difficult in Japan. So, in I went. The staff was very polite and attentive. The menu was in English and Japanese which made it easy for me to order food. Ultra Chop serves three different kinds of lamb chops, bruschetta, pate, shrimp, roast potatoes, and caprese salad as well as many other dishes. Each dish is well prepared and very delicious. For those who are vegetarian, Ultra Chop has a nice selection of vegetarian dishes from which to choose from. Overall, I had an exceptional experience!

by Baretta 

 Let' study English!  <英単語の意味>

*alleyway(名詞)路地|*mainstream(形容詞)主流の|*lamb(名詞)子羊の肉|*integral(形容詞)不可欠の|*attentive(形容詞)気遣いがある|*bruschetta(名詞)ブルスケッタ💕焼いたフランスパンの上にトマトの角切りなどを乗せたイタリア料理の前菜|*caprese salad カプリ島のサラダ💕トマトとモッツァレッラチーズのサラダ|*prepared(形容詞)計算が行き届いている|* overall(副詞)概して|*exceptional(形容詞)格別の

Information(情報):Ultra Chop Restaurant Pontocho(ウルトラチョップ京都先斗町)

Address: 220 Nabeyacho Kiyamachidori Shijo Agaru, Nakagyo-ku, 1F, FORUM Pontocho, Kyoto 604-8015


Telephone: 075-253-1308

Hours: 15:00-23:00





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