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「Kobe Steak Propeller」Kobe,Chuo-ku,(Sannomiya Station)

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In Japan, Kobe steak can be very expensive. In Sannomiya, I found a small cozy restaurant located about 5 minutes walking distance from the JR Sannomiya Station near Sogos Department Store. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the service is very good. However, be aware that you may have to wait to get a seat. I ordered soup and salad along with my steak. The steak is not very big by USA standards. But, the flavor of the meat was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of the steak. I recommend going to this restaurant for lunch since the prices are much lower. Kobe Steak Propeller has a website with translation from Japanese to English. Enjoy!!

「Kobe Steak Propeller」

8-1-14,Isogami-dori,Chuo-ku, Kobe-City

Tel: 050-5570-4189



Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

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