German Food(ドイツ料理) Kansai(関西) Kobe(神戸) Restaurant

「Elna Adriarn」: Wonderful German Food:Kobe,Higashinada-ku,(Konanyamate Station)


One day I decided to search for a German restaurant to eat at. To my amazement, I found Elna Adriarn. This restaurant is about a 15 minute walk east from the Konan Yamate Jr. Station. We chose to go to this restaurant for lunch. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice. The food and the service was excellent. We had soup for starters followed by a variety of potato and sausage dishes. Of course we had German beer with our meal. To end our delicious meal we ordered dessert and coffee. It was a truly German cuisine experience I will never forget.



「Elna Adriarn」

1-18-11, Mori-Minami-Cho, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-City




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-German Food(ドイツ料理), Kansai(関西), Kobe(神戸), Restaurant

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