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Good Good Meat


Good Good Meat Restaurant is located near the Hankyu Kurakuenguchi Station. I had come to the area to enjoy the Cherry Blossoms along with hundreds of other people. I wanted to find a nearby restaurant to eat lunch when I spotted Good Good Meat. This restaurant uses the motto "grazing beef" and "grazing pig" because they believe that the quality of the meat is far superior. Luckily, I was able to get a seat. This restaurant has mostly counter seats and a few tables. They have different kinds of beef and pork which can be purchased and taken home. During lunch time, the restaurant is very crowded, so I advise to make a reservation in advance. From the drink menu, I chose a beer from Kirin which was different from their other brand name beers called Heartland. For an appetizer, I chose the variety meat set with crackers and salad. And from the main menu I chose pork with vegetables which was served on a hot iron plate. The food and the service was very good, and the staff was very polite.

Telephone Number For Reservations: 050-5594-6390

Telephone Number For Inquiries: 0798-78-2224

Address: 11-6 Minamikoshikiiwacho, Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken

Prices: Lunch Budget \1,000-\1,900, Dinner \4,000-\4,900

Credit Cards: VISA, JCB, AMEX

Website: meat.goodgood.jp

Hours: Closed Monday and Tuesday

Open Wednesday-Sunday From 11AM-11PM


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