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Japanese Food: Kawamoto Restaurant:Kobe, Higashinada-ku(Settsumotoyama Station)


Japanese Food: Kawamoto Restaurant

Recently, a new Japanese style restaurant opened in Okamoto near the JR Settsumotoyama Station.

The restaurant's name is called Kawamoto after the owner- Tetsuya Kawamoto. Tetsuya Kawamoto is a well known chef in Japan. The restaurant is located in the Sun Okamoto building down on the B-1 Floor.

The restaurants decorum is very nice, and the atmosphere is quite cozy. I decided to try the lunch menu set which included an appetizer, the main dishes, miso soup with red rice, and dessert.

The main dishes were beautifully arranged in a lacquered box consisting of 8 different items.

Each item was delicately prepared with care. The food was excellent as well as the service.

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☆ Information:Kawamoto Restaurant (Japanese Restaurant)

【 Kawamoto】


Sun Okamoto building B-1,

1−3−31, Okamoto, Higashinada-ku , Kobe.

Opening hours:


5min from JR Settsumotoyama Station, Hankyu kobe line

Holiday: lunch:Mon&Tue  dinner:Mon

Telephone Number::078-431-1231

International calls :+81 78-431-1231


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