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Nishimura's Coffee: Kobe Harborland


When I first came to Japan, my father-in-law Fukuo Yoshioka introduced me to Nishimura's Coffee. Nishimura's Coffee serves some of the best coffee I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. Nishimura's claim to fame in the Kobe area began in 1948 when it served straight black coffee which had never been done before in Japan. It is also the first coffee establishment to serve cappuccino and coffee jelly. One of the most beautiful Nishimura's Coffee Shops has to be in Kobe Harborland. There is indoor dining as well as outdoor dining within the Harborland Shopping area. At night, the outdoor setting has a very romantic atmosphere with flowers and small ponds of water on either side of a small bridge. It is the perfect place for a romantic date with that special someone in your life. The indoor area is very spacious and elegant. The menu offers many dishes and cake sets to go along with your beverage. And best of all the menu is in English and Japanese.

Telephone Number: 078-360-1803

Address: 1-7-8 Higashikawasakicho, Chuo, Kobe, 650-0044


Hours: Monday-Sunday, 9AM-10PM



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