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Papaya Leaf Restaurant


I was walking around Nishinomiya Gardens looking for a place to eat when I noticed Papaya Leaf Restaurant. I looked over some of the menu items on display outside the restaurant, and decided this was the restaurant I wanted to enjoy Southeast Asian food. Papaya Leaf offers a variety of Thai, Vietnamese, and Singaporean food. The menu is extensive, and the food was not as spicy as I expected. I ordered the lunch set which was very good along with a glass of red wine. The restaurant is small and cozy. The staff was very friendly, and the service was very good. Papaya Leaf's menu has English which helps when ordering.

Telephone Number: 079-878-5600

Address: 4-2, 4F  Takamatsucho hankyu Nishinomiya Gardens, Nishinomiya 663-8204

Hours: 11AM-11PM, Open Everyday


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