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Muu Muu Diner: Fine Hawaiian Cuisine


I have been to Muu Muu Diner several times in Nishinomya Gardens. This Hawaiian restaurant is now located in Osaka. I like this restaurant because the atmosphere is all Hawaiian. The seating arrangements are comfortable and stylish. Muu Muu Diner changes their menu on a regular basis and offers special courses designed to attract customers to Hawaiian cuisine. I like to order their special Hawaiian drinks, and hamburgers which are tasty and juicy.

Telephone Number: 06-6485-7160

Address: 14-2, 4th Floor, Nishinomiya Gardens, Takamatsucho Nishinomiya-shi, Hyogo-ken

Hours: 11AM-11PM Everyday

Payment: Cash, Credit Cards

Average Price: Lunch \1,000, Dinner \2,500





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