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J.S. Burgers Cafe: Bite Into It


I love a eating a good hamburger. But I really truly love a very delicious mouth watering hamburger! And that is exactly what I found at J.S. Burger Cafe at the Mint in Sannomiya. J.S. Burger Cafe has twelve restaurants throughout Japan. This restaurant serves very high quality hamburgers. When I first saw this restaurant their was a very long queue. I decided to come back another day. And I did just that. J.S. Burgers Cafe serves more than seventeen different types of hamburgers! I was truly amazed to see a Monster Pound Hamburger with three meat patties on the menu. Wow! In addition, J.S. Burgers offers sandwiches, hot dogs, desserts, and a wide selection of drinks including delicious shakes. I ordered the BBQ combo with an extra order of french fries, and a strawberry milkshake. The BBQ Burger was absolutely scrumptious and very juicy.

Telephone Number: 078-251-5911

Address: 7 Chome, 1-1 Kumoidori, Mint Kobe, 2F, Chuo Ward, Kobe 651-0096

Hours: Open Everyday 10AM-10PM



Closest Station: JR Sannomiya


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