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Makino Tempura Restaurant in Sannomiya : 天ぷらレストラン「まきの」三宮


I like eating Japanese tempura dishes very much. I found this gem of a restaurant in the Center Building Plaza near the Sannomiya JR station called Makino. Makino serves some of the best tempura dishes at a very reasonable price. There is usually a long queue outside of the restaurant during lunch and dinner time. This restaurant is notable for its open-kitchen and open-restaurant style. The restaurant has counter seating as well as table seating. When you place your order, the server will bring you the tempura either one at a time, or several pieces at a time. This is done so patrons will always get hot freshly fried tempura served throughout the meal depending on your order. Makino uses seasonal vegetables,  and seafood items as well as chicken. One of my favorite dishes is the tempura egg which is placed in the center of a bowl of hot rice. Of course beer is recommended with your food!

by Baretta 

*gem (名詞)逸品(絶品)|*queue〔kjúː〕(名詞)行列|*notable(形容詞)目立った|*place one's order 注文する|*one at a time 一度に一つずつ|*patron(名詞)常連客|*freshly(副詞)新鮮に|*throughout(前置詞)〜の初めから終わりまで|depending on 〜に応じて|*seasonal(形容詞)季節の|A as well as B AもBも|*recommend(動詞)薦める

Information(情報):Makino Tempura Restaurant in Sannomiya : 天ぷらレストラン「まきの」三宮

Telephone: 078-335-1427

Address: 1-9-1 Sannomiyacho, Chuo-ku B1F, Center Plaza, Kobe 650-0021


Website: toridoll.com

Payment: Cash Only(カード不可)

Hours: 11AM-9PM Everyday

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