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Mariage Freres: Outstanding Tea


I enjoy drinking tea as much as coffee. One day, I was walking in Motomachi when I saw this tea restaurant on the second floor of the BAL Building. I decided to take a look, and was very surprised to find a very large tea room. I had actually stumbled upon one of the oldest tea companies in the world called Mariage Freres. Mariage Freres was founded in 1854, and operates in France, the United Kingdom, Germany, and in Japan. Besides tea, Mariage Freres serves scrumptious cakes, and lunch sets that are truly amazing.  The tea menu is very long and extensive. I was surprised to see hundreds of teas I had never heard of before. I decided to try one of their iced teas from the very extensive tea menu called the Thai Orchidee. This tea was very very good. The tea shop also sells teas by the hundreds, and tea sets.

Telephone Number: 078-391-6969

Address: 3 Chome, 6-1, BAL 2F, Sannomiyacho, Chuo Ward, Kobe, 650-0021

Hours: Open Everyday From 11AM-8PM


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