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「Sushiro Restaurant」: I Love Eating Sushi:Kobe,Higashinada-ku(JR Konan-yamate station)

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「Sushiro Restaurant」

On the Yamate Kansen, north of the Jr. Yamate Kansen Station is a chain restaurant called Sushiro. This restaurant serves sushi on very small plates which are placed on a very long conveyor belt. Customers can choose what they want to eat as the sushi plates move along the conveyor belt. This restaurant style is known as kaiten zushi or "conveyor belt sushi." Kaiten zushi restaurants are very common in Japan, and can be found just about everywhere. Sushiro is one of them. The cost of each plate of sushi is dependent on the type of sushi you want to eat. Besides sushi,  there are other dishes such as desserts, fruit, and other types of food. When you are finished, the final bill will be added up by the color designation of each plate and other items like beer and soup. Sushiro has an app which can be downloaded to your cellphone. Advanced reservations can be made using the app to avoid long waiting times. The only drawback is that everything is in Japanese; so ask a friend for some help.

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☆Information:「Sushiro Restaurant」: I Love Eating Sushi:Kobe,Higashinada-ku

「Sushiro Higashinada」

2-2-20,Morikita-machi, Higashinada-ku,Kobe-city

Tel: 078-453-4808

Weekdays: 11:00 ~ 23:00(L.O.22:30)
Sat&Sun&Holidays : 10:30 ~ 23:00(L.O.22:30)

7 days a week

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