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Sapporo Beer Restaurant: Munchen (ニューミューヘン神戸大使館)|Sannomiya Kobe


Sapporo Beer Restaurant: Munchen (ニューミューヘン神戸大使館)

Kobe has a lot of very interesting landmarks. It is also becoming a haven for craft beer. Finding a restaurant which is a landmark that combines excellent food with craft beer is must do for anyone visiting Kobe. The Sapporo Beer Restaurant in Motomachi is one such place. This restaurant serves a wide range of Sapporo beers, Japanese food, and German style food. What I found really interesting is that the restaurant has a small brewery in the basement which makes two types of craft beer. The interior is spacious and has a traditional German ambience and charm. The food I ordered paired very well with the beer. The service was very good, and the cost was very reasonable. An English menu is also available. Of course the star goes to the beer! Bottoms up everyone!

by Baretta 

*landmark(名詞)目印|*craft beer地ビール|*combine〜with…〜を…と結びつける|*brewery(名詞)〔ビールなどの〕醸造所|* ambience(名詞)雰囲気|*pair with とペアになる|*reasonable(形容詞)手頃な|*Bottoms up!乾杯


Information(情報) |Sapporo Beer Restaurant: Munchen (ニューミューヘン神戸大使館)

Address: 2, 5-18 Sannomiyacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0021



Telephone: 078-391-3656


Hours: Monday-Sunday, 11:30AM-10:30PM

※ランチ(日祝除く) 11:30~14:00



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