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Seiho Restaurant : Chinese Restaurant|青峰(中華料理)Okamoto or Settsu-Motoyama Kobe(岡本or 摂津本山 神戸)


Seiho Restaurant is an old fashioned style Chinese restaurant which has been in Okamoto for more than decade two decades.

There are plenty of tables and seating for large groups. The service is friendly, and the staff are very kind.

I went to Seiho during the lunch hour and ordered one of the lunch menu sets.

The set menu I chose came with fried chicken, rice, soup, and vegetables. Everything was served hot and was very delicious.

by Baretta 


*old fashioned style昔かたぎの|*more than〜以上|*decade(名詞)10年間|*fried chicken唐揚げ


Information(情報):Seiho Restaurant : Chinese Restaurant|青峰(中華料理)

Address: 1-4-18, Okamoto, Higashinada-ku, Kobe



Telephone: 078-452-3247




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