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Tachibana ”Takoyaki ” Restaurant: In Sannomiya : (Kobe Sannomiya Station or JR Sannomiya Station)


「Tachibana」: ”Takoyaki ” Restaurant: In Sannomiya

Tachibana is a small restaurant located in the underground area of Sannomiya. Tachibana's specialty is takoyaki which is a very popular dish in the Kobe area. Takoyaki is made from batter, octopus, tempura scraps, pickled ginger,  green onion, and cooked in a molded pan. The takoyaki served by Tachibana is better known as Akashiyaki. We ordered the medium sized tray which consisted of 20 dumplings which is served very hot. I recommend dipping the dumpling in the sauce first before eating. I also suggest ordering a nice cold glass of beer with your meal. The two complement one another. I also found the service excellent and the staff friendly.

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☆ Information:「Tachibana」: ”Takoyaki ” Restaurant: In Sannomiya


■ Address : Address: 1-8-1, B-1 Sannomiya, Kobe 650-0021

■ Opening hours : 11:00~19:00

No holidays.

■ Telephone Number: 078-391-3793

■ International calls :+81 78-391-3793

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