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Barbara Goods Sweet Table


Snoopy! Who can forget this iconic character which has graced newspapers and books for generations! Barabara Goods Sweet Table is located inside Nishinomiya Gardens near the entrance. The main theme is of course: Snoopy and all the characters in the comic strip embedded in the food items. The line is often long and waiting times can vary from 15 minutes to half-an-hour. The menu consists of a variety of pasta dishes, desserts, drinks, milk shakes, and a take out menu. I ordered the Goose Egg Sliders which came with french fries, soup, and a small salad. The small buns had Snoopy characters on them which I thought was really cool. I also had a cup of coffee with my meal. Barbara Goods Sweet table also has a small shop which sells Snoopy goods.

Address: 14-2 Takamatsucho, Nishinomiya, Nishinomiya Gardens, 663-8204

Hours: 10AM-9PM Everyday

Nearest Train Station: Hankyu Nishinomiya Kita-guchi

Payment Method: Cash or Credit Cards





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