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「Toriーkizoku」Grilled Chicken:Yakiyori : The Best, The Most, The Cheapest(Kobe,Higashinada-ku,Okamoto station)


「Toriーkizoku」(Grilled Chicken= Yakiyori Restaurant)

Tori Kizoku is a chain restaurant which serves grilled chicken. When Tori Kizoku first opened in Okamoto I was skeptical about the service and food menu. But,when I ate the chicken I was won over. The chicken is cooked in many different styles from plain to spicy. Their is a wide menu offering everything you can possibly imagine. The drink menu is also very good, and reasonably priced.

*An English menu is available. Just ask.

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☆ Information:「Toriーkizoku」(Grilled Chicken= Yakiyori Restaurant)in Kobe


■ Address : 1-14-10 Okamoto Higashinada-ku, Kobe-City.

■ Opening hours : P.M.5:00~A.M.1:00

■ Telephone Number: 078-453-3555

■ International calls :+81 78-453-3555

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