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Mikagekokaido-Shokudo: A Hidden Gem


It is a rare occurence to find a hidden gem regarding restaurants anywhere in Japan; especially one that has been around for more than 40 years. But, I found one in Mikage on Highway 2 along the Ishiya River at the Kobe Municipal Mikage Public Hall on the B-1 Floor. The building itself was completed in 1933, and underwent periodic renovations. The restaurant is very well known by the local people living in the area, and has a small museum across from the restaurant called the Jigoro Kano Memorial Corner. Their is nothing inside or outside about the building that stands out or would give someone the impression that something unique and different exists in side. The restaurant serves a variety of Omhayashi Rice or omelet rice and comes with a small salad and soup. The meal was simple, but delicious. While I was waiting, I noticed some very old photos. To my surprise, one of the photos showed a menu written in English and Japanese!

Telephone Number: 078-841-2281

Address: 4 Chome, 4-4-1 Mikageishimachi, Higashinada Ward, Kobe 658-0045

Parking: Available

Payment: Cash Only

Website: mikage-kokaido.jp




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