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Machi no Minato : Minato Fish Market In Umeda Station: Sushi And Sashimi On The Go( Umeda Station)

2018/05/31   -Japanese Food, Osaka, >Sushi, >Umeda

Machi no Minato:In Umeda Station I often like to eat sushi or sashimi, but sometimes I do not want want to eat at a restaurant. One day, I noticed a crowd of people in front of a small store called Minato Fish Market in Umeda Station on the B2 Floor. I decided to check it out. I was surprised to see the large selection of fish products at a reasonably ...

「Sushiro Restaurant」: I Love Eating Sushi:Kobe,Higashinada-ku(JR Konan-yamate station)

「Sushiro Restaurant」 On the Yamate Kansen, north of the Jr. Yamate Kansen Station is a chain restaurant called Sushiro. This restaurant serves sushi on very small plates which are placed on a very long conveyor belt. Customers can choose what they want to eat as the sushi plates move along the conveyor belt. This restaurant style is known as kaiten zushi or "conveyor belt sushi." Kaiten zushi restaurants are very ...

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