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Special Report: Swiss Chalet Restaurant In Sannomiya, Kobe


In 2014 I went to the Swiss Chalet Restaurant in Kobe Kitanocho for lunch. Unfortunately, this restaurant is now closed. However, I have wonderful memories from my dining experience. The atmosphere in the restaurant was just about what you would have expected. The service, and the Swiss fondue was very good. This was my first true experience eating this delicious food; but not my last.

Before going to the Swiss Chalet Restaurant, I had not experienced Swiss cheese fondue since I was a child. Back then, I did not like it at all. I carried that memory with me for many years. Then, one day, in Okamoto, I sampled some cheese fondue and got hooked right away. I loved it! I asked one of my students who was traveling to Switzerland to buy me a Swiss fondue cheese set. Then, I decided to introduce my Japanese family to cheese fondue since they had never had this dish before. They were very enthusiastic about the idea. So, we had a Swiss cheese fondue party. And it was really great! Everyone had a great time. Since then, I enjoy eating cheese fondue at home.


(at the restaurant)

(Family Party)

(Family Party)

(Home Party)

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