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Ramen Noodle「Sanjin Sanjin」 In Kobe, Higashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

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「Sanjin Sanjin」: ( Ramen Noodle Restaurant )

In Okamoto their is a small ramen noodle shop called Ramen Sanjin Sanjin. The ramen noodle dish I chose was served very hot, and it was delicious. I go to this ramen noodle shop a couple of times a year. Sometimes I even order gyoza for a side dish. I think the prices for ramen noodles are reasonable, and the service is good. I also drink beer with my food.


☆ Information:「Sanjin Sanjin」: ( Ramen Noodle Restaurant )

『Sanjin Sanjin Okamoto』

3-6-17 Motoyama-Kitamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-city


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