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Ohsho Restaurant: The Most Visited Chinese Restaurant

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The first time I stepped into an Ohsho Restaurant was in Mikage Nakamachi, about 20 years ago. It brought back memories of another restaurant I frequented in the China Basin area of San Francisco, Ca called the Tic Toc. Both restaurants  basically looked like grease pits, but served excellent food. When I walked intoOhshos for the first time I swear I could have practiced my snow skiing skills because of all the grease on the floor. I was very skeptical at first about the food. But my fears were quickly eliminated once I began eating the gyoza and the fried chicken dish. The ramen noodles were excellent too. Since then, I have frequented Ohshos more than any other restaurant since I have lived in Japan. In addition, the dishes are very reasonably priced.


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