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Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja:Chinese Dumplings Restaurant:Kobe, Higashinada-ku (Okamoto Station)

2018/06/02   -Chinese Food, Kobe, >Okamoto

Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja(Chinese Dumplings Restaurant) One evening in Okamoto I saw a new restaurant called, Chanja. I decided to stop by and have a look. I peered into the restaurant to see what kind of food was being made. A few moments later, a man came out of the restaurant and handed me a flyer with the name of the restaurant and the menu on it. I thanked him, and left.   After I finished work, I was feeling hungry. So, I decided to go back to the restaurant and try some of their dishes. Chanja makes a wide variety of ...

Taiwan Tanpao: Quick and Delicious!The dumplings:Kobe, Sannomiya ( Sannomiya Station)

2018/05/28   -Chinese Food, Kobe, >Sannomiya

On the way to Tokyu Hands in Sannomiya, I noticed a small shop which served dumplings or better known as shoronpo. Taiwan Tanpao is a very small shop with limited seating, and a very short menu. This restaurant chain is also located in Osaka. The dumplings are served hot and are very delicious. The price for a set of 5-6 dumplings is around 380 yen. I recommend a nice cold glass of beer to wash down the dumplings. 【 Taiwan Tanpao  】 〒650-0012 Dai2 kishi-b 1F, 1-9-6, Kitanagasa-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe-city tell: 078-335-8292 11:00- 23:00

Gyoza no Ohsho Restaurant : The Most Visited Chinese Restaurant

 Gyoza no Ohsho Restaurant ( Chinese Restaurant) The first time I stepped into an Ohsho Restaurant was in Mikage Nakamachi, about 20 years ago. It brought back memories of another restaurant I frequented in the China Basin area of San Francisco, Ca called the Tic Toc. Both restaurants  basically looked like grease pits, but served excellent food. When I walked intoOhshos for the first time I swear I could have practiced my snow skiing skills because of all the grease on the floor. I was very skeptical at first about the food. But my fears were quickly eliminated once I ...

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