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「Sushiro Restaurant」: I Love Eating Sushi:Kobe,Higashinada-ku(JR Konan-yamate station)

On the Yamate Kansen, north of the Jr. Yamate Kansen Station is a chain restaurant called Sushiro. This restaurant serves sushi on very small plates which are placed on a very long conveyor belt. Customers can choose what they want to eat as the sushi plates move along the conveyor belt. This restaurant style is known as kaiten zushi or "conveyor belt sushi." Kaiten zushi restaurants are very common in Japan, and can be found just about everywhere. Sushiro is one of them. The cost of each plate of sushi is dependent on the type of sushi you want to eat. ...

「Tsurutontan Top Chefs Restaurant」 In Osaka : the Umeda Daimaru Department store on the B2(JR Osaka Station)

2018/04/06   -noodle, Osaka, >Umeda

Japan is legendary for noodle dishes from buckwheat, ramen, and udon. Top Chefs brings noodle dishes to a new level. It is located in the Umeda Daimaru Department store on the B2F near the bread shops. The atmosphere and layout is very nicely done. Their is also a realistic display of all the variety of noodle dishes to wet your appetite from. During lunch hour, their will be a line of people waiting to be seated at the counter or at tables. I waited about 30 minutes. The noodle dish I chose was very delicious. The service was very good, and ...

「Kobe Steak Propeller」Kobe,Chuo-ku,(Sannomiya Station)

In Japan, Kobe steak can be very expensive. In Sannomiya, I found a small cozy restaurant located about 5 minutes walking distance from the JR Sannomiya Station near Sogos Department Store. Inside the restaurant, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the service is very good. However, be aware that you may have to wait to get a seat. I ordered soup and salad along with my steak. The steak is not very big by USA standards. But, the flavor of the meat was excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed every morsel of the steak. I recommend going to this restaurant for lunch ...

「Indian Curry」Restaurant: Quick, The Quickest: Osaka (Umeda Station)

2018/04/02   -Indian Curry, Osaka

  Just below the Kinokuniya Bookstore, at Umeda Station, in Osaka, on the B-1 level is a restaurant that serves the quickest Indian curry. This restaurant is usually very crowded during lunch time. But, the waiting time is quick, and the service is even quicker. Of course, you are expected to eat as quickly as possible: Usually less than ten minutes. This restaurant serves only two types of curry: Hayashi Rice or Indian Curry. I chose the Indian curry which is a little more spicy than the Hayashi Rice. The Indian curry dish I ate was very good. 「Indian Curry」 ...

「Elna Adriarn」: Wonderful German Food:Kobe,Higashinada-ku,(Konanyamate Station)

2018/03/27   -German Food, Kansai, Kobe, Restaurant

One day I decided to search for a German restaurant to eat at. To my amazement, I found Elna Adriarn. This restaurant is about a 15 minute walk east from the Konan Yamate Jr. Station. We chose to go to this restaurant for lunch. The atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice. The food and the service was excellent. We had soup for starters followed by a variety of potato and sausage dishes. Of course we had German beer with our meal. To end our delicious meal we ordered dessert and coffee. It was a truly German cuisine experience I ...

「Nakaya Restaurant」: Great Japanese Food : Kobe,Higashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

2018/03/19   -Japanese Food, Kansai, Kobe, >Okamoto

Tucked between buildings in Okamoto is a small Japanese Restaurant called Nakaya. It is easily overlooked by passerby's  because the entrance is small. However, once inside you will find a cozy atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, and the service is very good. I come to Nakaya for lunch at least three or four times a year. This restaurant has lunch and dinner menus. I usually come for lunch because the prices are very reasonable. The food is served in small portions with salad, rice, and miso soup. I like to have dessert and coffee after my meal. For those ...

「Khuanjai 」Thai Restaurants: I Love Thai Food : Kobe,Higashinada-ku,(Okamoto Station)

2018/03/12   -Kansai, Kobe, Thai Food

Khuanjai Thai Restaurants are very popular in the Kobe and Osaka areas. They offer delivery service. I frequent this restaurant at least four to six times a year. The restaurant in Okamoto is very cosy and casual. I usually go there for lunch. The menu offers a wide variety of Thai food dishes. The food is very good, and I especially like the chicken cashew dish. Sometimes I like to have beer or a Mojito with my meal. The Leo Beer is one of my favorite. Can you guess why?   「Khuanjai Okamoto」 1-4-4 B1, Okamoto,Higashinada-ku,Kobe-City Tel:078-413-2280 Lunch Time :11:00〜15:00 ...

「Northshore」 Restaurant In Kobe.Hogashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

2018/03/08   -American Food, Kobe, Restaurant

  In 2017, a restaurant opened in Okamoto called The Northshore Restaurant. Located next to the Hankyu Okamoto Station; this restaurant has a casual laid back atmosphere. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I decided to try the black pasta dish for dinner since I had never eaten this type of pasta before. The black pasta was very good. I have also returned to this restaurant on several occasions for lunch and breakfast. The chicken sandwiches are big and will fill you up fast. For breakfast, I had pancakes which were really delicious. The menu has a nice ...

Ohsho Restaurant: The Most Visited Chinese Restaurant

2018/03/04   -Chinese Food, Kansai

The first time I stepped into an Ohsho Restaurant was in Mikage Nakamachi, about 20 years ago. It brought back memories of another restaurant I frequented in the China Basin area of San Francisco, Ca called the Tic Toc. Both restaurants  basically looked like grease pits, but served excellent food. When I walked intoOhshos for the first time I swear I could have practiced my snow skiing skills because of all the grease on the floor. I was very skeptical at first about the food. But my fears were quickly eliminated once I began eating the gyoza and the fried ...

「Toriーkizoku」Grilled Chicken:Yakiyori : The Best, The Most, The Cheapest(Kobe,Higashinada-ku,Okamoto station)

Tori Kizoku is a chain restaurant which serves grilled chicken. When Tori Kizoku first opened in Okamoto I was skeptical about the service and food menu. But,when I ate the chicken I was won over. The chicken is cooked in many different styles from plain to spicy. Their is a wide menu offering everything you can possibly imagine. The drink menu is also very good, and reasonably priced. *An English menu is available. Just ask. 「Tori-Kizoku」 1-14-10 Okamoto Higashinada-ku, Kobe-City. Tel: 078-453-3555 P.M.5:00~A.M.1:00  

Ramen Noodle「Sanjin Sanjin」 In Kobe, Higashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

In Okamoto their is a small ramen noodle shop called Ramen Sanjin Sanjin. The ramen noodle dish I chose was served very hot, and it was delicious. I go to this ramen noodle shop a couple of times a year. Sometimes I even order gyoza for a side dish. I think the prices for ramen noodles are reasonable, and the service is good. I also drink beer with my food. 『Sanjin Sanjin Okamoto』 3-6-17 Motoyama-Kitamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-city Tel:078-411-5707

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