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Machi no Minato : Minato Fish Market In Umeda Station: Sushi And Sashimi On The Go( Umeda Station)

2018/05/31   -Japanese Food, Osaka, >Sushi, >Umeda

Machi no Minato I often like to eat sushi or sashimi, but sometimes I do not want want to eat at a restaurant. One day, I noticed a crowd of people in front of a small store called Minato Fish Market in Umeda Station on the B2 Floor. I decided to check it out. I was surprised to see the large selection of fish products at a reasonably good price, including sushi and sashimi. Because the quality is very good, they usually sell everything quite fast. If you are in a hurry or tired, and you want to eat in ...

Bu Bu Tei: Takoyaki・Akashiyaki:Osaka, Umeda(Umeda Station)

I often go to Osaka and do my shopping at some of the local stores around the Umeda Station area. Before returning home, I like to grab a bite to eat. I found this restaurant on the B2 Floor below Kinokuniya Bookstore called Bu Bu Tei. Bu Bu Tei serves a single item-taco (octopus) in three different styles: Takoyaki, Akashiyaki, and Takoyaki gratin. Outside of the restaurant you can see a display in the window, and watch the cook make Akashiyaki. The restaurant is very casual and spacious. I ordered the Akashiyaki which is very light in flavor, and served ...

「Tsurutontan Top Chefs Restaurant」 In Osaka : the Umeda Daimaru Department store on the B2(JR Osaka Station)

2018/04/06   -Osaka, >noodle, >Umeda

Japan is legendary for noodle dishes from buckwheat, ramen, and udon. Top Chefs brings noodle dishes to a new level. It is located in the Umeda Daimaru Department store on the B2F near the bread shops. The atmosphere and layout is very nicely done. Their is also a realistic display of all the variety of noodle dishes to wet your appetite from. During lunch hour, their will be a line of people waiting to be seated at the counter or at tables. I waited about 30 minutes. The noodle dish I chose was very delicious. The service was very good, and ...

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