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Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja:Chinese Dumplings Restaurant:Kobe, Higashinada-ku (Okamoto Station)

2018/06/02   -Chinese Food, Kobe, >Okamoto

Chanja: Tedutsumi-gyoza-bar-chanja(Chinese Dumplings Restaurant) One evening in Okamoto I saw a new restaurant called, Chanja. I decided to stop by and have a look. I peered into the restaurant to see what kind of food was being made. A few moments later, a man came out of the restaurant and handed me a flyer with the name of the restaurant and the menu on it. I thanked him, and left.   After I finished work, I was feeling hungry. So, I decided to go back to the restaurant and try some of their dishes. Chanja makes a wide variety of ...

Gautam Indian Food Restaurant:Kobe, Higashnada-ku(JR Setsu Motoyama Station)

Gautam Indian Food Restaurant While I was walking home along Highway 2, I was feeling a little hungry so I stopped by this Indian restaurant called Gautam. I was greeted by a very nice Indian man with a big smile. The restaurant was small but cozy. I chose the chicken curry set. The curry was not very spicy which is what I wanted. The aroma from the curry was truly wonderful. I was very pleased with the service and the food. Information:Gautam Indian Food Restaurant Location: About 8 minutes walk south of the Jr. Settsumotoyama station on Highway 2 Address:4-3-3 ...

「Konan Soba」 My favorite dish is the lunch set- Katsudan:Kobe,Higashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

Konan Soba is a traditional Japanese style noodle restaurant which serves delicious food in a traditional setting. Outside of the restaurant is a display case which shows the various types of dishes from which to choose from. Inside, depending on the number of customers, patrons have seating choices. Customers can choose to sit on a tatami mat, a table, or at the counter. I have eaten lunch at this restaurant more than a dozen times since living in Okamoto. My favorite dish is the lunch set- Katsudan which is fried pork over rice with an egg. The lunch set also ...

「Faber」: Cecina Mediterranea:Italian Restaurant:Kobe, Higashinada-ku (JR Settsu-Motoyama Station)

About five minutes west of the Jr Settsu-Motoyama Station on the Yamate Kansen is an Italian Restaurant called Faber. Faber is a casual restaurant which serves excellent food. The atmosphere is very laid back and the service is very good. I went to Faber for lunch. I had to wait for a short time, but well worth it.The appetizer I chose included bread, salad, and soup. I also ordered red wine with my meal. For the main course I had spaghetti and pizza which was delicious. I found the price to be very reasonable. 「Faber」 Location and Contact Information: Address: ...

「Nakaya Restaurant」: Great Japanese Food : Kobe,Higashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

2018/03/19   -Japanese Food, Kansai, Kobe, >Okamoto

Tucked between buildings in Okamoto is a small Japanese Restaurant called Nakaya. It is easily overlooked by passerby's  because the entrance is small. However, once inside you will find a cozy atmosphere. The staff is very friendly, and the service is very good. I come to Nakaya for lunch at least three or four times a year. This restaurant has lunch and dinner menus. I usually come for lunch because the prices are very reasonable. The food is served in small portions with salad, rice, and miso soup. I like to have dessert and coffee after my meal. For those ...

Gyoza no Ohsho Restaurant : The Most Visited Chinese Restaurant

 Gyoza no Ohsho Restaurant ( Chinese Restaurant) The first time I stepped into an Ohsho Restaurant was in Mikage Nakamachi, about 20 years ago. It brought back memories of another restaurant I frequented in the China Basin area of San Francisco, Ca called the Tic Toc. Both restaurants  basically looked like grease pits, but served excellent food. When I walked intoOhshos for the first time I swear I could have practiced my snow skiing skills because of all the grease on the floor. I was very skeptical at first about the food. But my fears were quickly eliminated once I ...

「Toriーkizoku」Grilled Chicken:Yakiyori : The Best, The Most, The Cheapest(Kobe,Higashinada-ku,Okamoto station)

「Toriーkizoku」(Grilled Chicken= Yakiyori Restaurant) Tori Kizoku is a chain restaurant which serves grilled chicken. When Tori Kizoku first opened in Okamoto I was skeptical about the service and food menu. But,when I ate the chicken I was won over. The chicken is cooked in many different styles from plain to spicy. Their is a wide menu offering everything you can possibly imagine. The drink menu is also very good, and reasonably priced. *An English menu is available. Just ask. ☆ Information:「Toriーkizoku」(Grilled Chicken= Yakiyori Restaurant) 「Tori-Kizoku」 1-14-10 Okamoto Higashinada-ku, Kobe-City. Tel: 078-453-3555 P.M.5:00~A.M.1:00  

Ramen Noodle「Sanjin Sanjin」 In Kobe, Higashinada-ku(Okamoto Station)

「Sanjin Sanjin」: ( Ramen Noodle Restaurant ) In Okamoto their is a small ramen noodle shop called Ramen Sanjin Sanjin. The ramen noodle dish I chose was served very hot, and it was delicious. I go to this ramen noodle shop a couple of times a year. Sometimes I even order gyoza for a side dish. I think the prices for ramen noodles are reasonable, and the service is good. I also drink beer with my food.   ☆ Information:「Sanjin Sanjin」: ( Ramen Noodle Restaurant ) 『Sanjin Sanjin Okamoto』 3-6-17 Motoyama-Kitamachi, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-city Tel:078-411-5707

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